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As Dekapor we manufacture and supply styrofoams, ceiling coatings, jambs, windowsills, layer systems, copings, keystones, decorative cross sections, buttresses, columns, bedplates, laths, joints, windows, styrofoam, ceiling coating, jamb, windowsill, layer system, coping, keystone, decorative cross section, buttress, column, bedplate, lath, joint, window, construction chemicals, construction, chemicals, claddings, interior claddings, exterior claddings, jacketings, jacketing systems, eps jacketings, eps, eps jacketing systems, sheathings, sheathing systems, eps sheathings, eps sheathing systems, construction chemical, constructions, chemical, cladding, interior cladding, exterior cladding, jacketing, jacketing system, eps jacketing, eps jacketing system, sheathing, sheathing system, eps sheathing, eps sheathing system... Since 2006 Dekapor has been giving facade, interior and exterieor facade services. On 2500m2 with experts manufacturing with cnc machines our company renews itself by following sectoral developments. Our products provides convenience with construction, coating and material quality and prolongs the life of your construtcions with the endurance to external factors causing corrosion such as rain, snow, humidity, hot, cold. Because of the lightness and flexibility of the materials used in the production of our products minimise building base failures, deterioration arising from the changes that cause the movement of the elements that make up the earthquake and gives less loads on buildings than other products made by alternative materials. The life of our products equals to building age when applied by experts. With our staff having your trust for years limitless and on-demand models are measured and shaped and delivered in a very short time.
Our company was established by three young entrepreneurs to manufacture and sell jamb and exterior decorative products the construction industry needs in 2010. The company was able to manufacture Polystyrene Exterior Products, Thermal Insulation Systems, EPS Products and Decorative Injection products at its facility on 2000m2 closed area with its experienced project and expert team. Accelerating its institutionalization efforts in 2014 in BURCAK Group moved to its new factory with 6000 m² closed and 6000 m² open area in Iskenderun. In addition, it opened a new factory with a total area of ​​12000 m² to manufacture Block EPS.Due to the changing market conditions and the developments in the rapidly developing construction sector since 2017 our company has also included paint, Injection EPS and Construction Chemicals in its investments and it has been moving rapidly to the point of being a solution partner where construction companies can obtain all their products from a single supplier. BURCAK Group with its hundreds of product types and 5 different brands that can be used for interior and exterior facade offers a wide area for the sector and contractor companies to make innovative designs.
we are in bussines life since 2009. in that time we are making eps (styropor ) products.We have allready 2.000 tons production capacity on our factory per year. In the same time it's oparated by Tiritoglu Comparates